Shaping energy

Renewable energy is at the core of the energy transition. On this foundation we look to build a resilient and solid network for the future. This begins with generating energy through renewable sources, the injection of green energy into the system, and the reliable access of energy demand to the green grid. At every step of the way ingenuity and efficacy are required. LC Energy helps shape this durable future by focusing on the f demand for renewable energy production, system integration, and reliability of supply.

Sustainable energy forms

Solar parks

Solar energy is a crucial element in the future framework of renewable energy. With extensive solar farms we aim to maximise this potential. Together with trusted partners, LC Energy has developed and delivered multiple large-scale solar farms.

In every scenario of our sustainable future, solar energy plays the leading role. Getting new solar fields developed and plugged in to the power grid is an ongoing objective.

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Energy storage

The energy transition is becoming more complex. One of the big challenges at hand is maintaining capacity and stability of the electrical grid. Local energy storage in batteries forms a necessary and crucial part of the solution. For this reason LC Energy focuses on the development of battery systems.

After generating renewable energy, stabilising the energy system is the next challenge. Energy storage is main key to solving this issue.

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Transport and industry

To solve and correct the imbalance of the energy grid, we help large companies maximise energy efficiency and sustainability in branches of industry and transport. We do this by means of microgrids which are not connected to the public energy grid. These microgrids provide locally generated energy to one or several end users.

Providing local industry with renewable energy solves energy needs while at the same time decongesting the entire grid.

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