Partners in the transition

LC Energy emerged as a spin-off of the consultancy services of QING Sustainable with the ambition to innovate the energy market. A successful preliminary solar energy project drew the attention of another renewable energy player, Low Carbon, who joined this alliance with a portfolio of expertise and financial provision. LC Energy has since taken off vigorously with a determined mission to shape renewable energy.


To advance the energy transition QING provides products and consultancy services to big industrial consumers. With extensive knowledge of the transportation, production, storage, and conversion of energy, QING oversees entire sustainable energy projects. From the initial assessment to the monitoring after implementation.

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Low Carbon

Born out of the ambition to steer the world to zero CO2 emission, Low Carbon relentlessly pushes for the worldwide development of renewable energy. This is done by Low Carbon by means of broad expertise in project financing, policy, large scale development, and lifecycle asset management.

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Other partners

For a variety of aspects of project development, different services of an array of businesses are provided to LC Energy. Through this elaborate ecosystem of energy partners, LC Energy can guarantee expertise and quality.