Rabobank subsidy for neighborhood battery research

LC Energy has received a substantial donation of 12,500 euros from Rabobank Utrecht to conduct research on a neighborhood battery. Rabobank supports organizations from its stimulus fund to initiate a societal project that aligns with a societal theme, such as the energy transition. With the stimulus fund, Rabobank gives back a portion of its profits to society.

The interest in the possibilities of a neighborhood battery arose during information sessions for the community about our large battery parks. There, residents repeatedly asked questions about the feasibility of a neighborhood battery. A neighborhood battery is a great way to relieve the power grid. Residents can store and distribute collectively generated solar power from solar panels, or use it at a different time, to better utilize sustainable electricity. Especially if the net metering scheme were to be discontinued, such a battery could provide many benefits. However, in practice, it has proven difficult to realize a neighborhood battery. Few projects have been successful so far.

With the donation from Rabobank, LC Energy can conduct a feasibility study to determine the conditions needed to implement a neighborhood battery. In our research, we examine various aspects of the neighborhood battery. We not only investigate the costs and benefits but also focus on legal issues. Additionally, we consider practical considerations such as the requirements for obtaining a permit, and determining the owner and manager of the battery. The research is conducted by QING. QING is a sustainable energy consultant and also one of the parent companies of LC Energy.

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