Solar park Medel

in Echteld





Echteld, Neder-Betuwe

Project phase

Last update: 01-11-2021

The planning area is located in the rural area of the municipality of Neder-Betuwe, north of the A15 at exit 34 Echteld. The Betuweroute and Betuwelijn railways are also nearby. The Medel industrial estate lies west of the planning area, with expansion plans towards the east. The K3Delta sand extraction site to the north of the planning area dominates the skyline. Looking eastward, the wind turbines along the A15 are noticeable. Thus, the planning area is situated in a rather industrial environment. However, there are softer components present as well. The river Linge runs to the north of the planning area, and the Lingewaard estate lies to the east.

  • Design
  • Permit
  • Preparation
  • Building
  • In use



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Landscape integration: The solar park is carefully integrated into the landscape with spacious nature-friendly banks and an earth embankment, approximately 20 meters of space along the Linge with (fruit) trees and shrubs (see cross-sections). Around the panels, a herb-rich grassland will be developed with beehives and insect hotels. The project will also be made available for research purposes executed by Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

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